An Intimate Evening with Paul Green

Saturday, November 4, 7:00PM at Vail Theatre of the Arts

Doors open at 6:00PM

Paul Green

Paul Green

He’ll jam an improvised jazz solo on the piano or drums and make up a love song on the spot for any girl who wants to feel uncomfortable. Can solve a Rubik’s cube in record time of 3 minutes, He earned a degree in finance to learn how to fund his comedy career. When ordering food, he will randomly break out into song or make sound effects when pulling out his wallet often earning him a free meal or weird looks, either way he considers it a win. He’s yet to get a date using Tinder, but his eternal optimism keeps him swiping right. He’s an introverted, outgoing stand-up comedian who posts cheesy one-liner joke memes on Facebook daily such as this: "I watched a Tony Robbins video on avoiding distractions. I found the video browsing Facebook." So he's not only funny, he can be profound!! If you really want to have some fun with Paul---

Paul welcomes hecklers!   All he asks is that you be loud enough for everybody to hear and that you own your statements and are prepared for the comeback and conversation. This truly is an intimate evening with one of the most talented comedy artists of our time.  You will be amazed with his humor and quick wit and the finale of the show where he sings a song made up during the course of the show about the show and the audience that helped to make for a great evening of live entertainment.