The Hypno Zone- Clean & Funny with Michael C. DeSchalit

Saturday, August 5th, 7:00PM at Vail Theater of the Arts

Doors open at 6:00PM

Michael C DeSchalit
Michael DeSchalit

The Hypno Zone: Sometimes the name really does say it all. Far beyond the boundaries of ordinary hypnosis exists "The Hypno Zone": a realm so freaky, so insane, so hilarious, words fail to adequately describe it. Let Michael DeSchalit, world-class hypnotist and veteran Vegas headliner, take you there during a high-energy show that must be seen to be believed. Watch volunteers forget their own names, speak "Martian" and dance like superstars ... and that's before he get warmed up. Let's just say what happens at The Hypno Zone “stays” at The Hypno Zone. Be prepared for anything -- and everything – CLEAN -- during this masterful comedy hypnosis show at SaffordLaughs.

Bring your video capturing phone or camera --- be sure that battery is fully charged!! You will want to capture some of the craziness. Who knows--- you might be picked out from the audience to be a part of the show!!

Michael is a Master Stage Hypnotist and a Multi-Award Winning Magician with twenty years of experience in performance and show production. His Comedy Hypnosis Shows are High Energy, Vegas style shows where the volunteers become the stars of the show performing hilarious skits. The shows are all done in good taste with the volunteer’s safety always in mind. This is going to be hilarious. Invite your family and friends