Michael Bailey & Keith Ellis

Saturday, June 17th, 7:00PM at Vail Theater of the Arts

Doors open at 6:00PM

Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey is a comic, a teacher, an actor, a husband, a father, and a pretty fair bowler. He’s headlined clubs, colleges, and corporate events all over the country. You may have seen him with Rosie O’Donnell on VH-1 Stand-up Spotlight or on Comedy Central.

His theatrical style and unique perspectives on parenthood, growing up, and surviving in a world gone mad have made him a favorite in the valley for more than 20 years. For more than thirty years, Michael Bailey has performed in clubs and on college campuses throughout the nation. His classical training gives him a unique, theatrical style that is full of energy and excitement. His experience as a teacher and a father gives him a fresh perspective on the culture and surviving in a world gone mad. His Midwestern personality will make you feel like you know him, and his stories of his family will make you swear he grew up in your house.


Keith Ellis

Keith Ellis

As a passionate visionary, and observationalist, Keith Ellis, has managed to turn many foreseen negatives into positives with his witty ways of looking at what life has to offer, he touches upon subjects with a magic that is truly undeniable interesting and hilarious.

The youngest of two children Keith entertained his mother & father doing impressions of everyone he watched on television. His impersonations were astounding. He could transform into Jimmy Stewart, Bill Cosby, Richard Nixon and then turn around and do John Wayne and Maxwell Smart (Agent 86) along with a host of others. Keiths' genius revealed itself publicly in elementary school where he dazzled the classmates who would pick on him with his ability to transform effortlessly into characters to make them laugh with just a unusual remarks, or a unexpected expression on his face with out a word said.

A simple bet with that friend led him to the stage at a comedy club, and Keith found himself in an open-microphone competition without a script. The result? Keith placed second out of approximately 16 competitors that night. “The owner asked me back, so I did.” He felt like a winner that night, although the friend never paid the $100 bet. From that day forth Keith has continued honing his comedic and acting skills, appearing in movies, print ads, commercials and working comedy clubs and casino's across the country.

Today, Ellis continues to reinvent himself as a comedian with the fast growing life changes: His parents have always insisted that he stick to clean comedy material. That undertaking is now included in his comedy mission:

100% Family Friendly Comedy!

In October 2013 Keith Ellis traveled to Germany to perform for the troops as well as a performance in Czech Republic. Making Keith Ellis a international Comedian working toward a purpose to support, educate, inspire & motivate.